0.10.2 Release

Hey everyone,

Single again 0.10.2 is now available for download.



SingleAgain-0.10.2-mac.zip 2 GB
Aug 26, 2021
SingleAgain-0.10.2-pc.zip 2 GB
Aug 26, 2021

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love this game. it has good humor, and a very good story. it keeps me focused and is also very heavy in a good way. there are times where i really do feel for the MC, sometimes to the point of tears honestly. keep it up, i love it. these games are perfect to play right before bed in my opinion.

Are you going to do an android version?

A truly incredible update. I couldn't be more delighted. This is one of the all-time best games. Very psychological and interesting approach. I much prefer these types of VNs to the fap fests.