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whats the discord link? been an hour and still cant find it 😮‍💨


Hope we get an apk eventually


I played version 0.12

When is new updates coming


Android port coming out?


I have managed to get to the part where the mc finally accepts to share the bed with his daughter, because its the only bed and cant really sleep on the tiny sofa.

I need to know if Lillith is going to continue to play these constant big annoying as fuck appearances? I simply cannot stand her one bit and she is ruining this story for me. In fact, I don't even see the point of this awful, unlikeable character being in the story in the first place IMO. 

might seem a little weird this question, but is there is in.ces.t going on in this vn?

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The following post may contain spoilers: Lilith becomes much more pleasant as the plot progresses (end of 0.11). At the beginning of 0.12 there is a small slip again, but generally she becomes well bearable.  

I think that Lilli is not such a badly written character. Her problem is that she is someone with a lot of complexes:  

She was a daddy's girl. When her dad took off in the middle of the night, it left her with a huge emotional hole. While she quickly became friends with Abby, Frank was always the intruder in her family because she still had hope that her father would come back one day. In Lilith's Longing, that's Lilli's side story, we learn at the end about some interactions from when Shannon and Frank were still married and he was very caring. So I think that Lilli didn't act that way towards Frank because she's a bitch, but simply because she had the naive hope that she would see her father again, and secondly maybe because she was afraid that if she opened up to him emotionally again she would get hurt if he ran away, which she probably doesn't think is unrealistic since she herself is aware of how she acted.  

For the same reason, she is very protective where Abby is concerned: she knows what it's like to be emotionally hurt by her own father and does everything in her power to avoid Abby experiencing the same.  

Other complexes: She is very aware that her body is not nearly as proportioned as Abby's or Becca's. While I personally don't see this as problematic, in Lilith's Longing we learn how she caught her ex-boyfriend and ex-work colleague and could hear them making fun of her figure, etc. I think that no small part of Lilli's self-healing process will focus on her finally managing to realize that her body is absolutely fine and she finally accepts it.  

In conclusion, I think Lilith manages to bring a certain amount of drama to the plot with her storyline without letting it degenerate into trash on a Rosamunde Pilcher level. And while I agree, yes Lilith is very intense in the beginning, and I don't know how common it is for stepparents and stepchildren to have a strained relationship, at least in fiction it's a relatively common motif.

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hi, thanks for your very informed information, I really appreciate you taking the time out to make your post explaining to me how things are going to develop. I am quite relieved that Lilly will become bearable, friendly towards frank. However will this be a harem type of situation, I hope there will be no ntr rubbish, I really can't stand it.  If there is to be a harem situation, which presumably there probably will be because I think it would get quite dull quite quickly being tied to just one woman all of the time, i also thought one of the lesbians that was going to move in to the apartment that frank sold them, where he, gave him the eye at least that is how I perceived it) However, if there is a harem situation, which I tend to like quite a lot because it gives variation within the game, so your not stuck to just one woman, you can freely move from woman to woman without being penalized for doing so. (in real life I have never even thought about polygamy with 2 or more women since it isn't exactly the norm in Europe, probably isn't in too many other places except the middle east. I wouldn't even know how such a dynamic could possibly work without arguments etc, well I do, but I won't elaborate here, because it's pretty obvious I think) However who can Frank have relationships with does this include abby and lilly?  Is every woman available to him to pursue without being penalized? thanks again


NTR wouldn't fit the plot in my opinion, and I don't think it would really fit Becca's plans either. I remember vaguely that there were people who pushed Lilith's longing a bit in that direction, either because of the scenes between Lili and her then-boyfriend or because of the scene with Abby and Lili (I'm not sure about that, but most people got upset because of the scenes with Lili and her now ex-boyfriend and I just think to myself: Jesus, the girl is 19 and it's mentioned during the plot of the main game that she already had some boyfriends. I would be much surprised if she was still a virgin after x boyfriends).

I think it will be more towards light harem, Becca already said that her target is "Frank, Abby, herself, Lili and more people Frank wants in this relationship". A favorite for me would be Meiko: Her parents want to set her up with Frank, she obviously has feelings for Frank and Abby, Lili and Becca like her, so I think she will join at some point.
As for Lili and Abby: Lili is very protective of Abby and the only realistic situation for me of Lili being okay with Abby having a thing with Frank is the following: Frank and Lili are at it and a drunk (or at least pretending to be) Abby joins them. Ideally, Lili would already be very much in the mood in that situation, so Abby would have a very easy time "mouthing off" to Lili so she could join in. However, I don't see that happening for now, the focus will be on Lili building up her self-esteem, since you can learn that she feels a little intimidated by Becca and Abby in terms of her physical development. Therefore, I also think that a too early scene with Frank+Lili+Abby would not be helpful for Lili, as she would then possibly see herself in competition with Abby in terms of attention.

As for the lesbian couple Vanessa and Elizabeth: Elizabeth's bio says she wants to have a child and that Vanessa isn't against it, but she thinks they aren't ready for it yet. I doubt that they will be part of the quartet (Frank+Abby+Lili+Becca) or quintet (+Meiko), but I can imagine that if Frank respects their wishes, he might be asked if he wants to be the father of the child.

It is mentioned at the beginning that more characters will be added, but I think that the current characters are already enough as important people.

So in short I can say Becca's plan is Frank+Abby+Lili+ herself plus optionally Meiko. Vanessa will rather stay out of it, I think. Her wife Elizabeth is more bisexual but I think the two of them (her and Frank) are leaning more towards friends with benefits and only if Vanessa gives the green light, she knows about it and Frank plays by the rules.

At this point, another interesting assumption that was voiced and that is quite plausible (but so far without evidence for and against):

Becca is Frank's biological daughter. Shannon and Frank were a couple for a while at 16, until Shannon had to move in with her aunt for unknown reasons. Shannon is currently 39 and Becca 23, meaning she had Becca at 16. Shannon did not meet and marry Lilith's father until a few years later. That means it will come down to one of these theses:

1. Frank is the father and Shannon had to move away because she was pregnant.

2. Frank is not the father. Shannon had an affair/one-night stand with Becca's biological father at some point.

3. Becca is not the father, Shannon did not have an affair when she was with Frank but got someone new relatively quickly who got her pregnant.

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it's definitely all very intriguing for sure.  I was always under the assumption that Frank and Abbey would be the main thing, but not sure why if after abbey told him to share the only bed with, not once but several times, that when you do share the bed with her for some reason or other you end up with a game over because she thinks Frank is a pervert, except he really didn't do anything wrong, he fell asleep and for some reason, when he woke up she was draped across him and then he is accused of being a pervert which really isn't the case and I don't think it really makes sense that Abby should say that, especially knowing the lesbo thing she and Lillith did etc. 

Even before they go for drinks it's pretty evident in her behaviour she is very interested in Frank in more than a daughterly way, but what I don't get is why would Frank let Abbey make an absolute fool of herself in front of Becca, especially when Becca tells Frank that she is drunk, which is very evident from her behaviour but Frank still sits there watching his daughter make an even bigger fool of herself, instead of trying to get her back home where she can sleep it off and for her own safety.

Not sure why he didn't intervene that seemed very odd. I know if I had a daughter and she started behaving the way Abbey did, my first response would be to take her back home so she could sleep it off, instead of embarrassing herself even more.

When Lillith speaks to her sexually, why doesn't Abbey be more authoritative and stop her, or even tell Frank what she is doing to her or what she did do to her? It might seem out of place, but if Frank is her father, and it's clear she trusts him, why has she not said anything on the quiet to her dad. I am not sure if Frank would say anything to Lillith given her current behavior anyway, which is pretty cordial or cold as it is.  

I am also a little concerned or puzzled about the way Abbey starts fondling Becca when she is drunk right in front of her dad, yet has the audacity to tell her own father that he is a pervert, despite the fact, all he did was sleep because he exhausted and sore after sleeping on the sofa for so long and even put up some kind of light ristance to it, and abbey drags him to bed and tells him to undress her, she calls him dad i she knew what she was doing otherwise she wouldnt have said it in the first place, i mean if some guy she barely knew for example was in her bed and she didnt want him there, he wouldnt be there, which is why this is just a bit silly for the game over. Very hypocritical of his daughter to call him that, despite having sexual interaction with Lillith and still keeping it a secret from Frank, what I don't know is if she and Lillith have this little tryst often or not or if it was a one-off, i mean up to the point we are in the story now.   The fact if you sleep on the bed and it ends him being called a pervert by his perverted daughter is a bit ridiculous for it to be game over. Especially given the fact, she has asked him and told him they can share the bed. drunk daughter or not, it shouldn't be game over..unless the game over is a placeholder for upcoming patches? it just utterly ridiculous for that to happen otherwise.

As for the Abby grabbing an unknowing Becca scene: I assume the following things:

Frank didn't know at the time how disinhibited Abby gets from alcohol.

The situation was like a car accident: you don't want to look, but you can't look away either.

A lesson in moderation for Abby? They've known each other long enough, and I think if Abby had done that to a complete stranger, Frank would have intervened.

As for the scenes between Lilli and Abby: I think the two are primarily stepsisters with certain merits. Both have no problems with what they do with each other, but still they don't want to talk about it with the parents or the paternal figure. I can imagine that's awkward - almost as awkward as catching the parents doing it.

The safe approach the first time they go out drinking with Abby is not to get involved in sharing the bed with her. Later, Frank knows better and takes precautions.

Yes, Abby should definitely know better and I'm not a big fan of the scene either, but here's what I suspect: Lili warns Abby about Frank, of course those warnings are unfounded, but Lili is just very overprotective of Abby. Abby, unfortunately, knows no measure and drinks herself into a film tear and then wakes up half-naked next to her father figure. Even if she actually knows better, I think her reaction can't be blamed on her, in the heat of the moment.

But I can definitely say: Up to and including 0.12, no day ends with a forced game over but with a more or less restful sleep, either in bed or on the uncomfortable couch. I would therefore recommend to reconsider a few decisions in the first date with Drunk Abby or to look for a walkthrough.

Thought it was actually pretty clear, but a big part of the issue that the other reply doesn't address is Abby is apparently a total blackout drinker.  The reason she freaks out resulting in a game over is she doesn't just not remember it was her idea.  She doesn't even remember getting drunk.  And just because she's fine getting frisky with Lillith on occasion and wants her Dad to sleep in a real bed doesn't means she's fine sleeping in bed virtually nude with her Dad...  at least not consciously (yet).  And since she doesn't even remember getting drunk, following Lillith's prodding, she, as she clearly says,  jumps to the "He drugged me" conclusion.


one of the best games I have played, love the character development!

Any idea when the next update will be out?

why put 0.9.1.out when 0.10.1 alrady have been released

I've played 11 this is way back .08 is way old

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Yea, but newer versions are patreon exclusive. Or pirated from some shady shit sites.


thats what everyone says about virtually everything.  what matters is that if the game is free, then it should really be at the correct chapter after usually a month...not be way back old...people should remember that if something is good they are going to find a more recent version of it which is actually a huge compliment to the developer. fact is its going to happen whether you or anyone else like it or not, and not all pirates shit on developers either...many actually just want to try out some game or software and then buy it and they do this because people are sick of buying something that turns out to be absolute shit and no way to get their money back. and not all sites are shady unless you have that type of mindset.

Chill out man. I do exactly what you said, I dl these public versions from or patreon, and if the game is interesting, then  I buy it when it's completed.

indeed. i use to burn through money buying awful games that at first i thought where good etc, but luckily we have this place to test out stuff before we buy

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I do have to somewhat agree with the other poster, it seems a bit... excessive... that the free version is 3 versions /half a year behind, when most free versions (that aren't just outright demos) are a few weeks/1 version behind.

That said, As long as it more or less stays a consistent length behind free folks are getting content at the same rate, just delayed, so, meh.  Best case I'll  just have a massive catchup jump when it finally finishes up, assuming the author puts up a "paid" version right when they finish.  (I'm somewhat a fan of the "patreon version to people who have actually paid at least $x model".  I consider the patreon "subscription" model somewhat sketch, as you're literally paying the person to draw the games development out as long as possible.)

edit: And of course those devs who ONLY ever make the final game available via patreon can rot.  Clearly hoping people forget they are subbing and just keep paying for nothing.

wau, i can´t wait for the next update! i´m so in love with this story!! 

Just played the .08 version.   Enjoying the story and nice renderings!   Can't wait for the release of more content!


when is the next update?


Apparently the Patreon goal, assuming everything goes smoothly, is the end of the month.




Small update, apparently not everything went optimally and it will be delayed a bit. I guess (since I'm only a player this assumption is to be taken with a grain of salt) times second to third week of June.

The dev himself admits that he estimated a bit optimistically and the end of the month is unrealistic. Currently he is probably done with about half of the update.


This game would be great if the dev hadn't of made the MC into a spineless sackless loser. Marries a chick who got knocked up by another dude, gets cheated on in his own home, gets walked all over by one stepdaughter, is being lead around by the oldest stepdaughter...this guy deserves to be single again and again and again

Hard to want to play any game when the character doesn't connect with me, especially if he's a loser. Loser types are only fun if they have their "snap" and moment and get them some vengeance ala Joker, IMO. Otherwise, I just want to kick the guy's a** myself.


What is it with these games and having the protag be a spineless wretch? It's something that's used way too often and I absolutely hate it. xD


I was just looking around for nsfw stories with choices but what I found was leagues better. 

I didn't expect myself to be this attatched to the characters and this invested in the story! Next thing I knew, I was striving to be the best dad ever (while occasionally pushing the boundaries).

Abby is an absolute angel that is always so nice (especially when Lilly is being...Lilly). Lily is... difficult, but seeing her slowly change is extremely rewarding. I'm also in love with how intelligent Becca is. She's so clever and I love how she's so supportive in her own cunning way. Mei is so damn cute I thought I was gonna cry seeing her smile lol.

I love all the characters so much, even the minor characters. (Hiro, Tomoko, the Judge, Vanessa and Beth...) I've easily gone though over 10 hours of content and I'm super invested. I'd love to support the project when I can!

No android version?

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You should put this on SubscribeStar too, Patreon is in Dublin and a lot of banks block payments, like mine....and it sucks. Fu** Patreon, I have money to give....or just offer it for a price on here. 

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Just a friendly reminder that the name your own price option exists on itch io, so you can pay on here rather than patreon. (Unless you were referring to the most recent version only available on patreon, a possibility that I didnt consider until after I posted this)

hard pass on subscribestar as my bank blocks payments to that lol

When will 0.0.12  be released?
Can't wait.


Just played 0.11 update. Absolutely wonderful how you've written Lillies scene.

I am glad i get to play the latest update via your Patreon page.

Looking forward to the next installment, but make sure you have some 'you' time aswell.

Hi, when is the next update?

Just uploaded it. :)

Hey, I was looking for your Patreon page to join up and support you but can't find it??

It's not showing up anywhere?


Hi! First of all, I just wanted to say that I love Single Again. It's a great game and a beautiful story. I don't normally like visual novels, but I occasionally make an exception, and I'm glad I did. I'm not finished with it yet, but it's been amazing so far. It's maybe the second porn game I've played that genuinely made me tear up (especially during the divorce hearing scene).

Secondly, I wanted to offer to proofread the game if you'd like. I noticed a few minor spelling and grammatical errors here and there, and I'd be happy to go over it for you if you want. I hope it's alright to offer this. I found your game through F95Zone, and there are a lot of creators who interact on there directly, so sometimes people offer to proofread games there. I would be happy to contribute to a game I like in some way, and I can't afford to donate in my current situation, but I'd be glad to do some proofreading!

Do the patreon versions have voice acting or sound of any kind?

Currently no, I want to wait until the chapter is done before I go back and add extra stuff like that.

still wondering about the free update. the paid v.10 was released in December. i've seen v.09 as a free browser version as well, but it seemed live save files were different. i couldn't import my save. what's with the delay? it looks like it's been 2 months since the creator even commented on this page


well, this creator was just removed from my list. currently out of work due to covid. making a list of which creators to support once back. the complete lack of response to previous messages lead me to believe that they only care about currently paying customers.

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Very good, also will this be updated soon? I noticed on patreon its on v 0.10

I was also wondering that. seems like this update is taking longer based on previous dates

I did like this game even went on to give support on patreon but the downloads are bigger than 2GB so you will have to pay for downloads its a shame really, I think if they make the updates an downloads no bigger than 2GB more people would give them support.... 


So the writing is largely good. Characters are interesting, plot is fairly standard but engaging, just a few punctuation and capitalization errors here and there. Only two issues really stand out to me:

1. The animations are really uncanny. They tend to just jump out of what was a still image and that can be incredibly disconcerting. I about jumped out of my seat the first time what I thought was a still image started moving.

2. A lot of the choices aren't really choices. If you're given two options and one of those will lead to an immediate game over you might as well not have included a choice at all. It's pretty clear there's a direction the game wants you to go and many of the choices just feel like window dressing. I'd seriously considering either reworking where you're given options or possibly just making the thing a kinetic novel.

I give it a 3/5 so far. new update here!!

any idea when next update will be

An update just came out. So... 4-6 weeks?

here pro

Hey just finished playing the 0.07, pretty nice actually, hope to see the next update to the storie soon. Keep up the good work.

Got to wondering why there wasn't any incest planned for the game... Than I read the relationships between each character. There isn't any true blood relations here.


Just finish the free version, very good overall, loved the writing, the story is excellent. Didn't like the fact that you have to wait 'till the end for "sexy time" so just let me say that you get blue balled to death. will keep my eye on this one is very promising. animations are good need improvement but way better than most visual novels I've seen. this one is defenetly worth to patreon. I do support good content creators.

Thank you.

Hey there, great game and looks amazing, anyone know when next update will be here? hope soon. thanx 

I'll have the next free version up on Friday.

Thanx looking forward to it :)

Do u mean yesterday or the Friday coming up?

Was the Friday coming up, now it's yesterday.

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loved the game thank you, cant wait for more

Hey love the game! I was just wondering when the next update is scheduled for?

Probably around the beginning of Nov.

I've just downloaded the 0.06 but my saved game from 0.05 isn't in the save files, how do I load my previous saved game?


I kept fudging up the saves with each release. Totally my fault. With 0.06 I changed how the game saves were done. I also made changes to the previous code with how choices were done. Sorry but previous save will not work.  

The good news is the changes I made to the saves have been fine as of 0.08.

The game looks good
It is worth being adopted daughter and not daughter, or step sis and not sis


While the dev may not officially support it I can verify for those interested that there is a Linux version that gets downloaded with the Windows version of the game and it runs fine for me so far. Just have to run the .sh file.

Looks interesting, will wait for more content :)

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