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Loved the 1.15 update... I love the story and the characters, and I hope you have many many more episodes to add to the story, I don't want to reach the end...  :)

Unlike some in here, I feel that the MC is pretty believable. He lost the one person that was his first and third (and greatest) love of his life and then another person who's his second and fourth love caused another rift... I totally get why he's so afraid to lose even more of the people he loves!

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Like the story. Mc is a scaredy cat but it makes sense for his pov. My favorite is lily hope for more comtent for her!


no he is way tooo fucked up whInny bitch,i m starting to doubt why this guy good for nothing a sore real looser just didn't commited suicide yet,what the fucking purpose of living this stupid has? He is literal shit how the hell is he mc of a harem game? He deserves to be a protagonist of NTR shits,and from first part of story i thought that is this avn is about since his wife cheated on him but no it wasn't (not fan of NTR) but this game can't justify how this shit piece of meat going to get a harem? When even being with a single ugly fucking girl is way too out of his league


Sorry , but you gotta go PAL , your too offensive to be here and most people don't need your kind of crap ! The Dev did it the way he wanted to , it's not up to you to write what is being done ! Don't like it , don't download it ! DUMBASS !

Deleted 84 days ago

Don't try, he's been complaining about any little thing and exaggerating every small detail he can with several games. Talk to him the same way and he denies the way he acts and disagreeing means your wrong. Block him it feels a lot better

I didn't even realize he had posted again until I got a notification of your post... I already blocked the sad loser. He probably tried and failed to get successful, and now he just goes around bitching at the ones that *are* successful, instead of looking at his own shortcomings...

I wish we could report sad fucks like him at the level, so they'd get kicked off.
Of course, types like that will create new accounts when that happens... Ah well...

Deleted 84 days ago

This game mc is literal faggot whinny shit as fuck stupid guy,i blamed in start that bitch for cheating on him but after sometime i understood her she maybe bitch and slut bit she has her reasoning to cheat on this looser.


I mean this seem a bit excessive. I agree that he is a bit whiny, but jeez. U gotta chill bro. It aint that serious, and if u dont like it, just dont play the game xD

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exactly this guy is a bit excessive who is raped by a literal girl,i mean dev couldn't put this looser mc as any lower further,a good for nothing shitfuck mc not new,but definitely new in harem type avns since these looser mc with zero character development deserve to be in gay/NTR avns,he is in wrong game

Any plans to make it compatible with mobile?

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i got this bug just after getting back from meeting with hank and abby when you got bed and you the black sleep screen this bug came 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While loading <'Image' u'images/0.13/192f037.jpg'>:

  File "game/script 0.13.rpy", line 6730, in script

    scene bg 192f037 with flash

  File "game/script 0.13.rpy", line 6730, in script

    scene bg 192f037 with flash

IOError: Couldn't find file 'images/0.13/192f037.jpg'.


I have the same issue. I've tried to redownload and transfer update into original file, replaced what needed. Nothing seems to work

same i have try all the fix i can think off and no of them work. and yes install base game and the update like you


We (the Discord mod team) have identified the issue, and CNG should be fixing it soon.  In the meantime, if you go to the patreon you should be able to download the full 1.17 version, which doesn't have this problem.


The fixed update is up.

Anyone know a fix for this?

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I’m not sure where you can find or download the missing file, but 192f038.jpg is pretty close (missing the player’s hand trying to block the camera, and the firepit, but otherwise the same picture).

Within the app, in the game folder, in the images folder, in the 0.13 folder, you can duplicate the 192f038.jpg file and rename it to 192f037.jpg.

If the app contents are packaged (files in the game folder that end in .rpa), I suggest putting a blank (all black) jpeg there (game/images/0.13/192f037.jpg) instead. You may need to create the subfolders if they are not there. The expected size is 1920x1080 pixels, but other sizes (i.e., smaller) should work okay.

if i hit the ignor butten i can see it a lot of pic i cant finde 


It was my screw up, I added a scene at the end of o.13 and forgot to include the images in the update. The fixed update is now up.

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how do you install the update to the game?? on pc

First, you have to have a full working copy of the previous version.  Copy the contents (files and "game" directory) of the update ZIP archive into the base directory (has the .exe files and the "game" directory) of the working game.  Allow existing files to be replaced.

Deleted 133 days ago

Any plans to add impregnation/pregnant?

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I would hope so.  Having the MC optionally knocking up his kids is always  a + in my book, as it appeals to a wider audience (for those that like their MC leaving a trail of popped cherries and big bellies behind them, if not just pull out or have her on the pill awhile).


Like the art style.

Your dead end "choices", though, annoying as fuck. If you give the player a choice and it really is "click option 1 or its game over" you're not giving the player a choice, which is utterly useless. I recommend removing that crap, please.


Fake incest = pass. 2 are step and 3rd is adopted.

is there any actual sex with any of the "daughters"

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Well, it would be a pretty shitty AVN if not. Play it and see and just skip the dialog to find out (ie skip to choices).  That's what I'm doing after I realized the "incest" is fake yet the MC is still being a hesitant pussy about fucking them (I'd fuck my actual daughter in real life if she was wanting to without a 2nd thought and put a baby in her too if she wanted one, fuck what everyone else might think and their opinion of what's right and wrong).


i like your mindset my guy

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( ≖.≖)  (ㆆ_ㆆ)

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IDK about this game... the renders are nice, well laid out environment, a lot of the animations are nicely done (Rebecca getting into the hot tub) and the plot/storyline is workable overall, but there's a few things that start to make it boring fast:

- The MC acts like an extreme super-prude beta pansy.  I get that these are supposed to be his step-daughters, but they're also all grown women.  Being all uncomfortable seeing a bit of skin, or even talking about it? Making a very lame promise to an ex that cheated on you?  Seriously?  Is he 9 years old mentally?  His character begs the question: How did he even get married or laid at all? Beyond boring.

-  If you're only going to offer one option to choose from, ie: 'hang up' (the phone), there really nothing to 'choose' at all.  Totally unnecessary.

- In a couple instances, the choices literally mean nothing, as the story basically tells you your choice sucked and goes with the other option anyways.  Would be a lot different if it was funny, but it ends up being the opposite.

- Dialog, in some instances, is drawn out way too long.  Sometimes 'short and sweet' helps keep the interest level up, especially when it really has no impact in the game anyways.

Ultimately IDK if I'll see it through if it's just more of the same.


The guy's gone through a lot, he doesn't want to risk losing anyone else close to him... Cannot completely blame him, but he should wake up and start drawing some conclusions by now...

Odd... I seem to get no audio on my game even after double checking audio sources and troubleshooting the game


okay, this is gonna be long but bear with me..... 

I downloaded this thinking it would be another stupid, simple porn, just something to scratch that "itch" we men have..... 

but man could I had been more wrong, the story is fantastic, like literally could be a tv show and I would watch no problem..... 

the character development, the subtle drama everything just clicked with me.... 

of course there were some points that didn't go well with me, the more emotionally heavy stuff when Abby learns the truth felt kind wrong toned.... 

she had all right to be as angry with him as she wanted and just using that "I was on my period" stuff felt kind of wrong.... 

but otherwise it was just amazing, I literally couldn't stop playing until I reached the end....

overall just amazing work man... anxious for the next update.


its kinda frustrating that the mc is a beta male pussy. 3 sexy girls that want him and he keeps pushing them away.


literally their dad faggot. its realistic


Literlly?? First off you incel pussy, he's not "literally" dad to any of them. But thats probably hard for you to comprhend since you LITERALLY can relate to this beta male MC. 


i mean yeah u learn that later but in the beginning bro rlly thought that the redhead was his blood daughter dumbass. Also he basically raised the other 2 if u would automatically fuck something wrong with u


Well genius, if you follow the story you'll observe that the MC has no issues peeping on these girls showering or sleeping in the same bed with them in only their underwear, yet when they make flirtatious comments or suggestions he cluthes his pearls. If he was with such high morality in seeing these girls as his true daughters and raising them he'd never look sexually or engage in these types of behavior with them since you want to claim this game is "realistic".  The spectrum of his behavior is unbalanced IMO. It makes no sense that he willingly has sex with the girls yet will become offended by them becoming flirty or wearing skimpy clothes.

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"if u would automatically fuck something wrong with u"
says the guy who has played the game enough to know all the intricacies of the relationship, and is still blood = no deformities.. nothing wrong with anything there. 
raising them? i really dont see why tahts an issue, theyre no longer being raised and now they are fully developed adults, there is no power imbalance that would make it immoral. i'd fuck the shit out of them.

Love the game. Shame the dev can't split the game, as my fire tablet is lagging with the big game file.  Anymore side stories to come?


Beth looks sooo much better!  And joking about her previous appearance in the dialog was freaking hilarious!

I think it is a great novel


Dewdrop 🤣 LMFAO 🤣

Oh my word!  That was too funny 😆


I enjoyed playing this, thanks for making it. I played the public version v0.12. On the patreon it says I can get the 'Full Game' by subscribing. Is this really the full game, or is it just called the full game but in fact is just v0.12?

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I havent played through the entirety of the current build yet but I must say the story so far is enjoyable. The only problem I have so far is with the step daughter Lilith (will explain below). Other than that great game.


So to elaborate on why I have a problem with Lilly is that her reactions to Frank (you)  is uncalled for and simply doesnt make any sense. From where the game starts you have been taking care of her for 12 years which is plenty of time to warm up to someone. You cannot blame her reactions on daddy issues or the like because, based on what I have seen so far, Frank has done everything he can to love and care for her yet she still lashes out at everything he does. She is overprotective of her stepsis (Abigail), Franks daughter who he has taken care of for literally all her life, against Frank, the man that has done everything that he can for her. What gets on my nerves even more is that Frank is still sympathetic with Lilly...WHY???? She, for some unreasonable reason (if that makes sense?), have not warmed up to Frank and the few times she has a, more or less, passive conversation with him is entirely because Abigail told her to...I mean really? 

Anyways, thats all I really wanted to say about what I have experienced in the game so far and might update my review once I actually complete the current build.

(2 edits) (-2) I think I'm gonna drop this game...decided to read through the comments and it seems like the third daughter (Rebecca) might be even worse than Lilly. I might be wrong here since I havent played too far into the game yet but it seems that she is manipulative and cunning which doesnt sit well with me considering her target for her schemes is her own family. So I'm gonna save myself the heartache here and just drop this one.

(1 edit) (+2)

Lilly becomes easier to handle with time. You just have to keep in mind that when her father left, she was a total daddy's girl and it broke her heart. Her mother's marriage to Frank, in turn, has made the chances of her biological father returning one day even more unlikely. At the same time, she's probably worried that if she does open up to him, he'll one day disappear from her life just like her father did and he'll take Abby with him, so she'd lose them both.

But I can promise you, she'll get better. There is still a bit of drama to come with her, but the dust is settling and she is actually my favorite of the three sisters.

As for Becca, yes she is manipulative, but unlike her mother she doesn't do it out of spite but because she cares about her family (Abby, Frank, Lilli) and wants the three of them to stay together.

Frank's understanding of Lilli's situation is understandable: he knows her story well enough and knows that even if she explodes often enough, she is still very hurt. He will have had enough conversations about this with Shannon and Becca in the past. Apart from that, he knows that deep inside she has a good core, like her acceptance and protective instinct towards Abby.

I think Frank is a counterbalance to Shannon, so to speak: Shannon never really cared about Lilli coming to terms with the loss of her father, I think she will have either buried herself in her work or searched for answers at the bottom of a bottle of alcohol from time to time. Frank on the other hand was the exact opposite, even if she always pushed him away. Since we learn from conversations that the two had quite, not necessarily "good times" in the classical sense but a certain normality without excessive conflict.

Another point I can imagine is that in some situations she reminds him of his first wife Jessica, Abby's mother: Always in conflict with Shannon, an incredibly unlucky hand with men, general problems with birth parents but a good heart, unlike her mother.

I've had the thought in the past that if Jessica were still alive and she and Lilli got to know each other, she'd probably have some problems with her at first (Lilli does have some similarities to her mother at that age, and some tempered traits), but I think over time they'd get along, but I think they would get along with each other over time (even if it's just to piss Shannon off even more), when they realize that they are not so different and that she would be a kind of mother substitute for Lilli, which her biological mother is not really until the present of the plot.

Long story short: Give it a chance.

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keep playing the only thing she is planning is to get the mc a harem of her lilly and abby and whoever else wants the mc

Deleted 84 days ago

alright, it might not seem like it at first glance, but this right here, is some peter jordanson top-lobster shiz.
the good doctor would be proud of this story. sit back and lose control to a diabolical mastermind of manipulation, who is purely working to your benefit.
medium quality renders but the animations are as smooth as a freshly shaven vagene.
love it, pissed myself laughing, cant wait for more

Bought the latest version a few days ago. I get no images displayed starting with the dream the night after sex with Lilli.

honestly, pretty good game just kinda wish it was a more choice based thing, and honestly kind of irritating how much of a high horse frank is like just let him be corrupt


"wish it was a more choice based"
but isnt that the whole point of the plot? 
MC has no control over anything that is happening, your daughters have complete control, not you 


hmm, this makes no sense, game goes from CH2.1.14 to this release 0.12 ?? current saves from 1.14 are not compatible

(2 edits)

Itch is behind on being updated to the latest version. 


This game just keeps getting better and better and better. You have a great vision for where this is going. I will follow it forever.

Acabo de descubrir este juegazo y me parece muy bueno y entretenido en personajes e historia. Me pregunto cuando se completara la parte 2 por que te dejan muy pensativo jajajaja 

I thought episode 3 was released, this is where the link took me .... bummed out now.

Any updates here?


Shut up and take my money!

Any chance for an Apk option for us?

When Chap3 is coming out?

is  there a date for the next installment?


Oh damn

That side piece about Lily is the shit!

Becca's left hand in the shower-hand-job-scene with Frank (after 2nd pool scene) seriously needs to be fixed. It look severely unnatural, especially for such a small hand. Becca's looks like a flesh-covered robot hand. Hands are not symterical. 

God, did that evil bitch have Jessica ran over? Was it an accident or was it murder?


You'll learn more about the situation that led to Jess's death in later updates, such as some info about the person who had to cause it and a bit about the aftermath.

Gente soy de Latinoamérica yo quiero saber  cuando va a salir para android y en español ya que no sé nada inglés y también quiero terminarlo por qué si uno sinceramente se encariña mucho con ciertos personajes y quiero ver cuál va a hacer el desenlace de esta gran historia y necesito saber el tiempo exacto para poder porfavor respóndeme alguien que sepa la mínima cosa.

Busca en Erospanish, ahí está el juego traducido. También hay videos en YT donde te dan el link de descarga

Muchas gracias pero jugué una versión donde después de que lo de la casa que le dan a abby termina entonces quiero saber si hay otra ????? Me ayudas porfa

No estoy seguro, el juego está en desarrollo, hasta ahora van en donde le dan la casa a Abby, habrá que esperar algo de tiempo a que se siga desarrollando el juego. Por ahora tanto en inglés como en español solo puedes llegar hasta esa parte.

Vale muchas gracias de todas formas tengo bastante para esperar cualquier cosa me puedes avisar ,si???

Just finished the 0.10.2 version, and like it so far... I've grown really fond of the characters, and when that happens, I can't help but wonder, not only what's next, but also 'what if'

The biggest 'what if' that keeps going through my head is... 'What if Sharon makes the bad decision to get her ex back in, and Lilith finds out her dad is back, but only was interested in fucking her mom, not bonding with his daughter?... (Or in a similar vein, she found out who Sharon cheated with, leading to the same conclusion) What if on top of that he made inappropriate remarks about her? How would that make Lilith react, and would she actually seek out Frank for parental support?'


Had to stop playing. Rebecca is, by far, the most absolutely hateable character I have ever seen in any work of fiction. It's infuriating that there is no choice but agree with her paper-thin justifications for her disgusting behavior.

No. I'm done.

Off to try to forget I ever experienced this.


Is it really paperthin? I don't know how far you got, but what she does isn't too far from what I've seen IRL situation between sisters that love each other... Some families like to keep each other sharp and on edge (in a playful way)... Of course it's a bit over the top here, but it's an AVN, so that's ok!

i mean, that maybe a bad approach for her part it's not like she's killing someone for her plan.

Hello, I just finished the free version that I loved. 

Can you advise me on which version to buy for the full version, tell me if there are a lot of extra scenes and stories, if the game is much longer. 

Thank you in advance for your answers and clarifications.


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